Data Recovery Prices

The following prices are for a single device.

Data recovery costs do not include repair or dedicated tools, subject to additional cost depending on the type of failure to be resolved.

Hard Disk Drive (HDD) ‘s price are for any capacity below 1 Terabyte (1 TB). A 50€ per extra TB charge will be added to the data recovery price of a single drive..

Solid State Drive are limited to 256 GB. Please request a quotation of a higher capacity device.

Recovery in “emergency” gives rise to an additional cost of € 150 per disc. Data Recovery on customer’s site also do rise an additional € 100 per drive.

Data Recovery Prices

We do handle  only logical issues, for physical issues or repairs we will be requiring 3rd parties services.

Type of FailurePrice (per Device)
Deleted Files175 €
Reformatted File System175 €
File System Corruption225 €
Bad Sectors350 €
Firmware Corruption350 €

*HDD (IDE & SATA) Up to 1 TB.

Solid State Drive Recovery

Recovery ServicePrice**
SSD* Recovery350 €

*SSD (SATA, M.2 AHCI, M.2 NVME) Up to 256GB

Device type (up to 32 GB)Price
Thumb Drive200 €
Flash Memory Data200 €

Supported devices: SD Card, USB flash drives.



R.A.I.D. Data Recovery

The cost for RAID recovery depends on the number and size of drives in
the RAID array. The typical recovery cost is 250€ per drive up to 2TB
drives and 350 € per drive for 2 – 4TB drives, regardless of whether the
recovery is logical or mechanical. Drives larger than 4TB must be quoted
on a case by case basis.

Number of Drives Typical Recovery Cost
(Drives up to 2TB)
Typical Recovery Cost
(2TB to 4TB Drives)
Drives over 4TB
2500 €700 €Contact us
3750 €1050 €Contact us
41000 €1400 €Contact us
51250 €1750 €Contact us

Supported RAID O, 1, 5, 10, LVM, JBOD.